FWOS: mission and grants


FWOS enables innovative research that provides and disseminates new insights and knowledge pertaining to the sexual behaviours and experiences, sexual and emotional trajectories, and sexual and gender identities of children, adolescents and young adults up to 21 years of age. FWOS aspires to contribute to the formation of theoretical insights and best practices (of professionals and parents/guardians). FWOS favours interdisciplinary approaches that take into account the perspectives of youth as actors as well as the role of parents and educators. Applicants for grants are required to engage with diversity in a broad sense and especially in relation to sexual, gender, and ethnic diversity. Applicants are also asked to detail how their research results will be disseminated and/or used to develop new interventions in public debates and discussions on sexual behaviour.


FWOS offers three different kinds of grants: small, middle, and large. FWOS spends a maximum of €20.000 annually on small grants. Generally, applicants need to live and/or engage in their research in the Netherlands. Rules for small grants are less stringent, as applicants for middle and large grants are required to have the firm backing of an academic or research institute. For middle and large grants, applicants may opt to form research consortia. Applications and requests for information and/or advice can be directed to secretariaat@fwos.nl.

            Small Grants

FWOS provides small grants (€500 – €5.000) for the co-sponsoring of publications, seminars, educational materials, etc. Applications may be addressed to the FWOS board of directors throughout the year. They are required to fit within the FWOS mission and provide evidence of co-sponsoring. Decisions are made by board members at quarterly board meetings.

            Middle Grants

FWOS provides €60.000 in each of the two annual rounds of applications for research, dissemination, and implementation projects in the Netherlands. Deadlines for application will be published on this website. Rules and requirements to apply are described here below. Decisions are made by the board of directors at board meetings and are informed by internal and external reviews.

            Large Grants

Over the last ten years FWOS has provided funding for several large PhD and Postdoc research projects at Dutch universities in cooperation with sponsors such as ZonMW and NWO. FWOS’ own research calls were based on our successive Five-Year Research Plans (2009-2013, 2014-2018, 2019-2023).

Conditions to Apply for Middle Grants

Prior to each deadline, applicants can submit a two-page project plan and a short CV in English to the board of directors, who will make a preselection and invite selected candidates to expand their proposals into a five-page research and budget plan. The board of directors will decide which applications to fund based on internal and external (international) reviews.